Commercial use
Commercial use

The Citan. Recommended by experts.

The Citan is the perfect urban delivery vehicle for your individual sector requirements. What's more, more than 90 % of all Citan drivers are so impressed with their vehicle that they would buy it again if they had the chance5. The reasons are clear: the Citan is flexible, robust and particularly economical.

Your next job is already waiting. Get on board.

The Citan provides solutions to the many and varied demands placed on an urban delivery vehicle. There's the Tourer for transporting people, the Panel Van for transporting materials and the Crew for a combination of both.

The first hero to be available in three lengths.

With three different lengths6 and optionally available with two sliding doors7, the Citan offers masses of space for the most varied demands and transport tasks.

It knows what matters inside.

The Citan combines comfort with practicality, its welcoming interior providing an excellent working environment. From the moment you get in to the moment you get out, you will be impressed by its functionality and comfort in every respect.

Impressive seating all-round.

The Citan Tourer in the extra-long version offers two additional8 single seats in the rear row and thus provides space for up to seven people.

Space for everything you need to take.

The Citan Panel Van has a transport capacity of up to 3.8 m3 and a payload of between 461 kg and 768 kg. The optional safety grille protects drivers from slipping loads whilst also enabling them to keep an eye on the cargo.

Can accommodate large loads. And distribute them.

The low door edges and load compartment sill of the Citan make for easy access to the vehicle's interior as well as for easy loading and unloading.

Ensures progress on any job.

The Citan has strengths that will ensure you make headway with any job: on the narrow streets around town, you will benefit from its compact manoeuvrability, whilst on out-of-town journeys or on the motorway you will fully appreciate its pulling power. There's a choice of three high-torque diesel engines offering outputs of 55 kW9 (75 hp), 66 kW (90 hp) and 81 kW (110 hp) and one advanced petrol engine with an output of 84 kW (114 hp).

Panel Van

The city hero. Its speciality is loading cargo.


Robust, versatile, economical: the Citan Tourer, your compact van for up to 7 people15.

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