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The Vito. Raise your game.

The Vito helps you get ahead – both out on the road and in your business. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety.

One for all.

The Vito is equally impressive as a Tourer or a Panel Van. If you need to transport people and goods at the same time, you will find that the Crew is a reliable professional.

As diverse as your own job.

The Vito is available in three vehicle lengths: compact, long and extra-long.

Many ways to make progress.

The Vito is the first van in its class to be offered with a choice of three drive variants: front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Arrive relaxed.

With electromechanical power steering as standard, a comfortable chassis set-up and independent suspension, the Vito enables you to enjoy efficiency, smooth performance and ride comfort on par with a passenger car.

It's a real pleasure to work here.

With its roomy interior, the Vito is bound to put you in the right mood for work. And because every successful venture starts with good organisation, we have equipped it with practical storage and stowage compartments.

Space for everything you need to take.

With a load compartment length of up to 3,061 mm and a maximum load capacity of 6.6 m3, the Vito Panel Van holds up to 1,044 kg in its load compartment, or, with uprating to a gross vehicle weight of 3,200 kg as much as 1,374 kg (with rear-wheel drive).

Optimum load securing

The anchoring rails on the load compartment floor and the lashing rails on the load compartment sidewalls offer flexible ways to secure the load.

The talented all-rounder.

Depending on vehicle length, the Vito Tourer can accommodate 2 or, in the extra-long version, even 3 rows of seats comprising 2 or 3-seater bench seats. This means that the vehicle can seat up to 9 people comfortably. If bulky items need to be transported, removing the bench seats quickly transforms the passenger compartment into a spacious load compartment.

Panel Van

Its speciality is loading cargo. It is quite the professional for demanding tasks and exceptionally suited to represent your business.

Crew Van

If you need to transport people and goods at the same time, you will find the Vito Crew fulfils this task economically and professionally.


A specialist for professional passenger transportation. Developed for maximum versatility and comfort.

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