Citan Panel Van

Your entry into the Mercedes-Benz Vans world.

With the Citan Tourer BASE, you have access to a Mercedes-Benz van which offers all of the essential equipment items you need to carry out your daily tasks both safely and reliably. Equally impressive are its high quality and functionality, as well as its excellent variability and operational orientation.

The Citan Tourer BASE impresses on all fronts. From the reliable, durable and efficient drive system to the comprehensive safety concept and the ergonomically designed interior with 5 comfortable seats, easy-to-reach controls and practical stowage spaces. All of this serves to make every journey as pleasant as possible, both for you and your passengers. The typically Mercedes-Benz high manufacturing quality and the pleasant look and feel of the high-quality, easy-clean materials are characteristics which pay off in daily operations.

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