Luxury driver's seat, swivelling

Individual seating comfort with the special twist.

Manually eightfold adjustable and rotatable up to 180 degrees.

The swivelling luxury driver's seat offers more than just pleasant seating comfort on the move: when the vehicle is stationary, it can be turned flexibly. For example, by 180° in a communicative vis-à-vis position to the passengers in the rear seat row. If the seat is turned by up to 50° to the door, exiting is made easier.

Added to this are the comfort qualities of the seat while driving: on the luxury driver's seat drivers of almost any size and stature find an appropriate seat position and therefore enjoy a pleasant journey even over long distances. The seat can be manually adjusted in eight positions: lengthwise for the right distance of the legs to the pedals and in seat height as well as in inclination of the backrest and the seat cushion for a comfortable seat position. Furthermore, the head restraint can be set by height and inclination according to the body size and comfort requirements of the driver. A further plus in comfort is offered by the armrest on the side facing the front passenger.