eSprinter Panel Van | Mercedes-Benz Vans

Advanced drive system combined with proven strengths.

The eSprinter is your advanced mobility solution if your vehicle mainly operates in urban traffic, making predictable trips. With an efficient electric drive system delivering 85 kW (116 hp), it is just as reliable, economical and versatile as you have come to expect from a Sprinter over almost 25 years.
The eSprinter is available to order as a standard length (A2) vehicle with high roof. The load compartment volume of 11 m3 is not limited in any way by the electric drive system. The payload is up to 1001 kg with the standard battery capacity and up to 849 kg with the optional battery capacity.

The key features of the eSprinter:

  • Highly efficient electric motor with 85 kW (116 hp) output delivering max. 295 Nm torque
  • 35 kWh high-voltage battery, 35 kWh usable battery capacity, 41 kWh installed battery capacity
  • 47 kWh high-voltage battery, 47 kWh usable battery capacity, 55 kWh installed battery capacity
  • Up to XXX km1 electric range in conjunction with 35 kWh usable battery capacity
  • Combined Charging System (CCS) for flexible charging with alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC)

Electrical consumption and range were determined on the basis of Directive 2017/1151/EU.