The future is driven by electricity.

The Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App.

Are you ready for electromobility? Find out for yourself. The free smartphone app illustrates whether changing to an electric vehicle or a hybrid model would be feasible for you. For this purpose, the app tracks your daily vehicle journeys – regardless of the brand of vehicle – using your smartphone. The app calculates whether an electric or hybrid vehicle from Mercedes-Benz suits your individual mobility behaviour.

The Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App does not just check whether your destinations can be reached with an electric drive, but also provides information about the required energy and available infrastructure.

The features of the Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App.

7-day challenge.

After the app has started, the individual 7-day challenge begins in which the daily distances driven by the user are analysed with his or her consent.

Daily analysis & news.

During the 7-day challenge you will be provided with new analyses of your journeys on a daily basis. This allows you to make a precise comparison of how the journeys would have been with an alternative drive.

Route service.

The Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready App can calculate in advance any route with an electric vehicle including the energy requirement and individual consumption.

Charging stations.

Find the ideal charging option in over 30 countries on the map. Information about the location, vehicle plug and charging speed are shown for each charging station.

Virtual charging simulation.

The app shows the virtual battery status of the simulated vehicle. You can choose between different charging options at any time to virtually recharge your vehicle in real time.