The future of the last mile.

With the innovative Cargo Recognition and Organisation System (CoROS), Mercedes-Benz Vans transforms the cargo space of its vehicles using Computer Vision and artificial intelligence. CoROS standardises and optimises the labour-intensive processes of the last mile and creates transparency regarding the current location of individual packages – from the Distribution Centre to the recipient's doorstep.

Introducing CoROS - The Future of Logistics 


Icon für Effizienzgewinne
Efficiency gains 
Package loading and delivery optimised through automated bar code scanning and real-time tracking.
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Greater transparency 
Recognition of packages in the load compartment makes a constant monitoring of individual packages in real-time possible.
Icon für Reduzierung von Trainingsaufwand
Reduction of training expenditure 
Integrated LED systems offer active support for the loading and unloading processes thus enabling more rapid on-boarding of new employees.

Product functions.

Automatic bar code scanning.

The camera system integrated in the load compartment automatically scans the bar codes of the packages. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual scanning.

Object tracking.

CoROS Deep Learning software constantly monitors the position of the packages in the load compartment. This way CoROS always knows where each and every package is.

Put & Pick-by-Light.

The LED system shows the driver the optimum place to put each package. Upon arriving at the delivery address it indicates which package has to be delivered. 

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