In-Van Delivery & Return.

Professional materials logistics for service fleets.

In-Van Delivery & Return combines logistics companies and businesses with service fleets. The logistics company takes on the supply and return of spare parts, materials and tools keylessly in your vehicles – overnight.

Parts that are no longer needed are simply and quickly returned to the branch or headquarters. Benefit from efficient, transparent and secure material logistics and – thanks to In-Van Delivery & Return – concentrate on the essentials: your core business.


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Time savings 
Save your service technicians trips to the branch office. 
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You yourself decide who may drive your vehicle for deliveries. 

Already successfully tested.

"Thanks to IDR, our material logistics processes are becoming more efficient and transparent. Our mechanics, too, are delighted with IDR. Especially the return option at the touch of a button enables the mechanics to quickly and easily return dismantled parts and spare parts that are not required."

Thomas Höld, Head of Strategic Fleet Management at Liebherr

"nox delivers 160,000 packages every night, using 70,000 keys. With the Keyless Access function through In-Van Delivery & Return, not only will we be even faster and more reliable in our deliveries in future, we will also always know the last parking position of the technician's vehicle thanks to the integrated GPS localization."

Maya Landahl, Business Development Manager at nox NachtExpress

"With the In-Van Delivery & Return digital solution created by Mercedes-Benz Vans, added value comes in the form of safe and reliable deliveries into your vehicle by us at night. We have further optimised the new technical possibilities of this service. Our customers are already thrilled and benefit from even better scope of service."

Jens Schoneboom, Business Development at Night Star Express

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