Shared People Mobility.

With innovative mobility concepts and optimised vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Vans is shaping a mobility of the future that will be versatile, efficient and sustainable.


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Optimum use of existing infrastructure to improve the traffic situation.
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Our contribution to the environment: reducing private transport by sharing rides. 
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Perfect interplay 
Vehicles and ridepooling technology merge into a complete solution.
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By sharing journeys, we specifically achieve a relief of traffic and the environment.

Ridepooling vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Ridepooling vehicles offer sophisticated functionalities that are optimally tailored to the special requirements of ridepooling.

WerkShuttle – the on-demand mobility service for Daimler employees.

Innovative features1 – Optimised for ridepooling.

Stowage box.1

Offers enough space for small items of luggage and bags and makes the ride even more comfortable.

Charging stations.1

Are available for each seat, providing the ability to conveniently recharge mobile devices while on the move.

Integrated display in the side window.1

Facilitates vehicle identification and allocation by dynamically displaying a personal greeting and further information.

QR code scanner.1

With the help of the QR code, booked passengers have easy and comfortable access to the vehicle. After successful identification, the door opens automatically.

Electric access step.1

Enables safe, swift boarding and alighting. Is deployed automatically when door is opened.

Central screen in passenger compartment.1

Dynamically shows the route travelled and upcoming stops as well as access points to provide maximum transparency for the passenger.


Some features have prototype status and may differ during series production.

Ridepooling service.

Mercedes-Benz Vans puts on-demand ridepooling on the road together with strong partners. 


Cities Companies
Ridepooling offers cities and local authorities an optimum supplement for local public transport. The revolution for companies' employee mobility. Dynamic routes guarantee maximum efficiency, flexibility and comfort.

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