Vans & Drones.

Tomorrow's transport solution.

The combination of van and drone provides a reliable solution to handle urgent deliveries quickly and with a short lead time. Previous geographical hurdles and the enormous complexity of high service levels will soon be a thing of the past. The benefits are obvious: higher speed and flexibility as well as punctuality of delivery time.1

Some features have prototype status and may differ during series production.


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Use traffic routes in different dimensions ideally and thus act more independently of traffic bound to the ground.
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Fly short-notice deliveries to vans, thus significantly reducing the distance to be covered.
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Predict delivery times accurately and reliably.

Mobile infrastructure.

Safe take-off and landing of the drone. The drone can be safely transported during the journey. A flexible structuring of the interior is possible.

Retractable landing platform.

Allows the drone to be removed for maintenance or additional drones to be implemented.

Landing platform with roof hatch.

A roof hatch on the landing platform allows deliveries to be removed and batteries to be changed.

World premiere at the IAA 2018.

The drone-capable Sprinter is to be presented for the first time at the IAA 2018.

Detailed view of the landing platform.

Open flaps allow the landing platform to be seen. A centring mechanism positions the drone in the exact take-off position.

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