Ask The Expert - Safety

Ask The Expert: how to master difficult driving situations.

The safety and assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz Vans perform sterling work. And they work best in combination with a driver who knows what they are doing.

What is the best driving position in the van?

In this episode, our expert Wolfgang Müller demonstrates how best to position yourself in your van. Just how important this is may not be obvious at first glance, but the ideal driving position makes it easier to keep your van under control in every situation.

How should you react if the van understeers?

If the back end of the van breaks away in a bend, you need to have the right reaction. And you need to learn how to do that. In this video, our expert shows what to do when the van understeers and how the adaptive ESP helps you to overcome the situation safely.

Aquaplaning with a van – what action needs to be taken?

Aquaplaning happens if the layer of water between the tyres and the road surface becomes excessive – a dangerous situation. Our instructor Wolfgang explains in this video how to keep your van under control in case of aquaplaning.

How you drive a van on unpaved surfaces.

Driving on unpaved surfaces can be quite challenging – whether it be on gravel, scree or in mud. This video explains how such situations can best be mastered and which Mercedes-Benz assistance systems are used here.

What is the correct way to react if the van oversteers?

Driven into a bend too fast and took your foot off the accelerator pedal abruptly? The right reaction is called for in order to get through this situation safely. Our driving instructor Wolfgang explains all.

How does the 360° camera work?

Bird's-eye view in tight parking situations ­– sounds too good to be true? Manoeuvring is made easy thanks to the 360° camera and the Parking Assist PARKTRONIC. But how does the vehicle produce this apparently impossible camera image?

How does the digital inside rearview mirror work?

A full load compartment can mean restricted rearward vision. But with the new digital inside rearview mirror, even fully laden vehicles are easy to handle and you can even reverse into parking spaces without any problems.


How do you correctly couple a trailer to the van?

Often a tricky business for those who have never coupled a trailer. Our expert Wolfgang demonstrates how you correctly hook up a trailer to the van and how you can be freed of your inhibitions when it comes to this manoeuvre.

What do you do if the trailer starts jumping? 

If the van starts jumping on an uneven stretch and threatens to get out of control, this is bound to trigger panic in some drivers – especially if the trailer is fully laden! Our expert Wolfgang has a few tips on how to stay in control in such a situation.

How do you cope with steep slopes with a van and trailer?

A van with a fully laden trailer on a steep slope can even bring experienced drivers out in a cold sweat. In this episode, Wolfgang demonstrates which assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz provide support here and what you have to do yourself in order to master this situation.

How you reverse with a trailer. 

This time, it's the turn of reversing with a van and trailer – for some people the supreme discipline when it comes to being on the road with a trailer. Wolfgang from the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy gives you some tips on mastering driving in reverse with a trailer.

How you tow a trailer on steep roads.

Uphill or downhill, driving with a trailer calls for a powerful vehicle and good driving skills. But the driver is not left entirely to their own devices – there are practical systems which help, and we'll show you them in this video.

How do you secure the load in a van?

Load securing is a key topic – especially for commercial vans. In this episode, Wolfgang shows us which kinds of load securing there are and how exactly they work.

How does positive-engagement load securing work? 

Positive-engagement load securing – what is this? And how can I make use of it when I load my van? In this episode, Wolfgang explains which variants there are and when which ones are used.