Ask The Expert – sustainability | Mercedes-Benz Vans
Wolfgang Müller stands between two Mercedes-Benz Vito vans, smiling into the camera.

Ask The Expert: electromobility in practice.

Mobility is being rethought... electrically. Our expert Wolfgang Müller provides useful tips on how to use the eSprinter and eVito correctly to ensure your fascination with sustainable technologies is not thwarted by unanswered questions.

How do electric vans actually work?

How does alternating current become direct current? How does direct current become energy? And how does this energy power a vehicle? Here you will find technical insights on the subject of electromobility and tips on electric driving for anyone who wants to know exactly what goes on in an electrically powered van.


Everything you need to know about charging electric vans.

Alternating or direct current, fast charging station or wallbox? At first glance, the world of electromobility is uncharted territory for anyone used to filling up their van with petrol or diesel. But it's really not that complicated! Here you will learn the common technical terms and the different ways to charge an electric van.

How to increase the range of an electric van.

The range of an electric van depends on various factors: road conditions, weather, battery size. But also the individual driving behaviour plays a role when it comes to how far you can get with a single battery charge. Here you can find out how to use the various driving and recuperation modes to your advantage.