Mercedes me | Digital Extras for business customers
Mercedes me for business customers – the digital product world for commercially used Mercedes-Benz vans like the Sprinter and Vito.

Mercedes me for business customers.

The digital product world for your commercially used Mercedes-Benz van.

Good for your business.

Mercedes me gets more out of your van – and makes your working day even more easy and efficient.

Make sure you get the digital upgrade for your van, and benefit from even greater efficiency, transparency and intelligence. Mercedes me and the Digital Extras for business customers ensure that you and your business are always connected with your vehicle. This means that you have important information and helpful functions on board, and always available outside the vehicle as well.

Just three of the many good reasons to get Mercedes me.

Mercedes me for even greater efficiency

Greater efficiency.

Reduce your workload and improve your ability to plan thanks to assistance with maintenance and vehicle monitoring.
Mercedes me for even greater transparency

More transparency.

Stay up-to-date and keep an eye on your van – thanks to remote services and real-time information.
Mercedes me for even greater intelligence

Even more intelligence.

Turn your van into your personal assistant – thanks to the extended range of functions offered by MBUX with intelligent navigation and voice control.

Now new at Mercedes me.

Discover the latest Digital Extras for business customers.

Please note that it is currently not possible to take intermediate destinations into account in MBUX for route calculation. However, you can input the intermediate destination in the App as a new destination, and share it with the vehicle. It is expected that workshops will be able to activate this restricted function with a software update from Q1/2023. The software update also includes extended functions such as e.g. voice input. This procedure is subject to a fee.


Navigation for trailers and oversized vehicles is only available for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (907/910 model series from 02/2022) with MBUX multimedia system and navigation system.


Please note that vehicles produced before 02/2022 must be updated to the necessary software level in a workshop. This procedure is subject to a fee.

Digital Extras for your van.

Here you can find an overview of selected Digital Extras1,2 for business customers of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Please note that the scope of features is dependent on the model series, year of manufacture and equipment.
  1. Comfort Package
  2. Remote Package
  3. Navigation
The Comfort Package is available for your van as standard equipment:

Maintenance Management

By making the planning of workshop appointments more simple and transparent, it helps you to save time and money.

Accident and Breakdown Management

If required, this service connects you with trained employees at the Customer Assistance Center.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Enables your service partner to remotely check the condition of your vehicle – thus enabling the best-possible level of support.

Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status

Conveniently shows you important vehicle data and any upcoming service requirements on your smartphone.


Makes it easy to look after your vehicle by informing you in good time when wear components need replacing.

Software Updates

Uses online updates to keep the software in your Mercedes up-to-date.

Interface to Third-Party Providers3

Gives you the ability to enable access to selected Mercedes me data and functions for third-party services such as a voice assistant.

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These digital extras remotely connect you with your van:

Remote door locking and unlocking

Everything in check, even from afar: unlock and lock your Mercedes from your smartphone.

Programming of auxiliary heating/ventilation4

Starts the stationary heating or ventilation of your vehicle from a distance – thus ensuring the best possible climatic comfort when you get in.

Vehicle Tracker

Always keep a close eye on your Mercedes: shows you exactly where your vehicle is currently driving.

Parked Vehicle Locator

Find your way back to your Mercedes: uses your smartphone to guide you back to your parked vehicle.

Remote Vehicle Finder

Helps you to relocate your vehicle by activating a light signal which guides you back to your vehicle.


Sends selected addresses to the vehicle's navigation system by means of an app.

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These digital extras know the best way to get you to your destination:

Live Traffic Information

Using real-time traffic data, you get safely and traffic-free to your destination, plus with Car-to-X communication you will also be warned in good time of any upcoming dangers.

Navigation Services

Offer you additional orientation and useful information on weather and the parking situation.

Online Map Update

Always on track and always current: the Online Map Update automatically keeps your navigation data up-to-date.

Extended MBUX functions

Among other things, these understand natural speech and thus enable intuitive and comfortable operation of a versatile range of functions – with everything from the navigation system and online search function to air conditioning system controls.

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These Digital Extras for eVans provide you with the best conditions to enjoy care-free and comfortable electromobility:

Navigation with Electric Intelligence5

Helps you to make better progress in electric vehicles by planning the fastest route with the shortest charging time.

Charging station display

Knows the charging stations along any route, and shows you nearby charging stations on the map as well as their current availability.

Range on Map

Helps you to find the fastest route including charging time, by including the required charging stops in the route planning.

Charging Settings & Pre-Entry Climate Control

Ready to roll: ensures that your Mercedes is fully charged and pre-climatised when you want to depart.

Commercial charging solution

Simple, sustainable charging with maximum cost transparency – wherever you travel.

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To use the services, you must register on the Mercedes me Portal and also accept the terms of use for the Mercedes me connect services. In addition, the respective vehicle must be paired with a user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed for a fee. Initial activation of the services is possible within 1 year of first registration or initial operation by the customer, whichever occurs first. Please note that the scope of service can differ depending on model series, year of construction, equipment and whether the customer account is a private or a business account.


Owing to supply shortages, availability of the communication module (LTE) for certain vehicles may be temporarily restricted. This situation particularly affects the Mercedes me connect services, including the emergency call system (eCall). Regularly updated information on this issue is available from Mercedes-Benz dealers.


The service is used in the app of the respective voice assistant. Currently, Mercedes-Benz supports the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. These apps are available free of charge in the respective app stores.
Your selected third-party providers only receive the data after activation of the me connect "Third-party provider interface" service and your additional data approval. Since only data already available from other activated services will be forwarded, you must also activate relevant services. Data is used via the relevant application (e.g. website, app) of the third-party provider. The third-party provider is responsible for the data protection of data passed to them by Mercedes-Benz at your request. You can stop the forwarding of data at any time in the Mercedes me Portal under "Settings".


Please note that only the hot-water auxiliary heating (H12) can be controlled via Mercedes me. Other types of stationary heater cannot be controlled using Mercedes me.


Vehicles with no head unit: all the ranges and en route charging points are snapshots based on forecasts at the time of enquiry. The range actually achieved may differ from the indicated range. There is no automatic updating of the route calculation. Prompts to recharge the battery must be acted upon at all times.

What are you waiting for? Start now. This is how it works.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mercedes me soon. You'll be ready to go in just a few steps:

  1. 1. Create a Mercedes me ID

    In order to create a business profile for Mercedes me, you must complete one-off registration as a company administrator in either the Mercedes me Portal or the Mercedes me App. You will then receive your personal Mercedes me ID. If you already have your own Mercedes me ID, you can skip this step.

  2. 2. Create a company profile

    Using your own Mercedes me ID, you can now create a company profile in the Mercedes me Portal. Please note that you must be authorised to create accounts for your company.

  3. 3. Adding vehicles, digital extras and persons

    After you have created your company profile, you can connect your vehicle or vehicles with Mercedes me in the Mercedes me Portal and activate the desired digital extras.

    What's more, you also have the possibility to add new users as drivers. These people will then receive an e-mail invitation and in order for them to be able to use the company profile, they will also need their own Mercedes me ID.

  4. 4. Install and start the app

    As soon as you have successfully registered and have been added as a user in the company profile, you can log in to the Mercedes me App using your Mercedes me ID, then assign yourself a vehicle and use the Mercedes me connect services.

the basic requirement is already on board ex factory: the communication module (LTE).

The communication module (LTE)1 uses an eSIM to create the technical conditions for using Digital Extras, and offers you additional safety, comfort and connectivity.


The communication module is available in the Sprinter from 06/2018, in the Vito from 05/2019, in the V-Class from 09/2016, in the Citan from 08/2021 as well as in the EQV, eVito and eSprinter. Owing to supply shortages, availability of the communication module (LTE) for certain vehicles may be temporarily restricted. This situation particularly affects the Mercedes me connect services, including the emergency call system (eCall). Regularly updated information on this issue is available from Mercedes-Benz dealers.

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