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A Sprinter assembled using individual parts of the past 25 years

25 years of the Sprinter: the van which defines standards.

Tools, gadgets, building materials, accessories – the Sprinter has already carried just about anything. Setting and delivering trends instead of following them.

Timelessly through change.

While many trends of the past 25 years quickly disappeared from the scene, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is somewhat of an evergreen. It continues to supply building sites and DIY projects, ensuring that shelves are filled and services are provided. And there is no doubt that home improvement specialists and professional tools will continue to travel in the Sprinter in future too. Because instead of slackening in old age or resting on past successes, the van with the star gets even better with each generation.

The birth of the legend.

In order to set itself apart as the successor to the "Bremer" van which was the backbone of many tradespeople, entrepreneurs and delivery companies, the Sprinter had to make a clear mark back in 1995. Of course it was already able to score some points with the design, which was unusual for the time. But what also distinguished the Sprinter from the outset was its versatility: whether longer, shorter, stronger, lighter, whether with a platform, load compartment or several rows of seats, the Sprinter's success story is based to a large extent on its great flexibility.

Making good better. 

In 2006 the time had come and the successful first generation had diligently done its service for eleven years. With the second generation, the visual progress couldn't be ignored – the striking design had been overhauled and thus continued to set trends. Plus, there were numerous technical innovations: an extra-wide sliding load compartment door, an improved braking system, ADAPTIVE ESP, bi-xenon headlights with static cornering light and active curve illumination were just some of the new features that, along with a completely revised range of engines, were intended to underpin the Sprinter's benchmark position.

All good things come in threes.

2018 saw the birth of the third generation of the now already legendary Sprinter. In the age of digitisation, the focus of further development was on connectivity and digital services. In the new Sprinter, these aspects are primarily covered by MBUX, the voice-controlled multimedia system, and the Mercedes PRO service. Since 2020, the van has also been available with an electric drive in the form of the highly convincing eSprinter. So there's one thing we can rely on in the future: the Sprinter will continue to supply us with the things we need to master our everyday lives and our daily work. And also in the company of those who bring a smile to our faces.

A successful debut.

Still found on the roads today: the first-generation Sprinter.

The replacement after eleven years.

Advanced technology and a wide range of variants: the second generation seamlessly continued the success of its predecessor.

Today's exclamation mark.

The third-generation Sprinter sets standards in terms of design and connectivity.


Oliver Roggenbuck; Daimler Global Media

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