25 years of Sprinter: the van that defines standards.

Tools, gadgets, building material, accessories – the Sprinter has brought along almost everything. A story of setting and delivering trends, not following them.

Timeless through change.

While a lot of trends from the last 25 years have already disappeared from the scene, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a real evergreen. It continues to supply construction sites and DIY projects and ensures that shelves are filled, services are provided. And there is no doubt that all those improvers of everyday life as well as professional tools will continue to be found in the Sprinter's loading space in the future. Because instead of retiring with age or resting on past laurels, the transporter with the star gets better and better with each generation.

The birth of a legend.

In order to emerge as the sequel to the "Bremen Transporter" that had become the backbone for many craftsmen, entrepreneurs and carriers, the Sprinter had to send a clear message in 1995. Of course, it was able to score points with its design, which was unusually modern for those times. What also distinguished the Sprinter from the beginning was its versatility: whether longer, shorter, stronger, lighter, whether with a flatbed, a cargo area or several rows of seats, the Sprinter's success story is largely based on its flexibility.

Good becomes better.

In 2006, the time had come and the successful first generation had done its service after eleven years. With the second generation, the visual enhancement was conspicuous, the striking design was overhauled and thus remained trendsetting. In addition, there were numerous technical innovations: an extra-wide sliding load compartment door, an improved braking system, ADAPTIVE ESP, bi-xenon headlights with static cornering and bend lighting were just a few of the innovations that, along with a completely redesigned engine range, were intended to underline the Sprinter's benchmark position.

The best things come in threes.

2018 marked the birth of the third generation of the by then already legendary Sprinter. In the age of digitization, the focus of further development was on connectivity and digital services. These areas are covered in the new Sprinter primarily by MBUX, the voice-controlled multimedia system, and the service Mercedes PRO. Since 2020, the van also impresses as an eSprinter with electric drive. So, there is one thing we can rely on in the future: The Sprinter supplies us with the things we need to master our everyday life and work with. And also, with those that simply put a smile on our faces.

Successful debut.

Still to be encountered on the roads today: the first-generation Sprinter.

The replacement after eleven years.

Advanced technology and a large number of variants: the second-generation seamlessly continued the success of its previous model.

The current screamer.

The third-generation Sprinter sets standards in design and connectivity.


Oliver Roggenbuck; Daimler Global Media

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