Ensures your road to success.

Exemplary level in safety equipment.

In addition to its high level of driving safety as well as the stable vehicle body with easy-to-see ends, the Sprinter offers an extensive range of assistance systems. Cutting-edge LED headlamps and an innovative windscreen wiper system optionally enhance perceptual safety.

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

By far the safest

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC can keep the distance to the vehicle travelling ahead set by the driver and can relieve drivers, for example, when driving on the motorway or in stop/start traffic.

Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Assists with lane changes and reversing out of a parking space.

Through visual and acoustic warning signals, Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert can help avoid accidents when changing lane, when reversing out of a parking space and when exiting the vehicle.

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Helps the driver stay in lane.

The Active Lane Keeping Assist function can help the driver detect an unintentional drifting out of lane, warn the driver and, if necessary, actively return the vehicle to the correct lane through braking interventions.


Parking package with 360° camera 

Hassle-free parking and manoeuvring.

The parking package with 360° camera provides comprehensive support for parking and manoeuvring and can thus increase safety and comfort.

Active Brake Assist

Support ranging from warning to emergency braking.

The Active Brake Assist function can help to prevent accidents with vehicles travelling ahead and with crossing pedestrians, or can minimise the consequences of an accident.