Efficient electric drive, combined with proven vehicle strengths.

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Switch on your business.


The eVito Panel Van is as advanced as modern mobility requires. And it is just as functional, secure and comfortable as you have come to expect from a Mercedes-Benz Vito.

The capacity of the batteries installed is 41 kWh and, with a charging output of 7.4 kW, can be charged from 0 to 100 % in around 6 hours1.

The eVito Panel Van can be ordered in "long" and "extra-long" lengths. With its load compartment volume of 6.0 m³ or 6.6 m³, you do not have any limitations due to the electric drive. The payload is up to 1015 kg with the long body variant and up to 990 kg with the extra-long body variant.

The eVito Panel Van is a good choice if your vehicle is above all used in urban operations and makes plannable, frequently recurring trips. Furthermore, the eVito Panel Van is suitable for all sectors and uses for which the operating profile meets the range offer.


The duration of the battery charging process is dependent upon the charging infrastructure.


  1. Economy
  2. Reliability
  3. Functionality
Electric drive – can also advance you economically.

Our vans with electric drive can also convince you economically. Depending on the use profile, the electric drive may already be at the level of vehicles with a combustion engine in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO).

The route-based operating-mode strategy of the vans with electric drive contributes towards economy on the road. With 3 drive programs and 4 recuperation levels you can optimise the electrical consumption and therefore the range of your van with electric drive. During recuperation, energy is reclaimed if the vehicle is delayed. For example, the battery charges when going downhill, instead of losing the energy when braking in the form of heat. This allows you to get far with the vans with electric drive by Mercedes-Benz – on the road just as in your company.

Ready when you are.

We want you to quickly appreciate your eVito as a partner. That's why we do all we can to ensure you have a long and reliable relationship. On delivery you will receive a well-proven vehicle featuring Mercedes-Benz quality, whose electric drive and heating have passed our comprehensive winter test at temperatures down to -30°C. The eVito is designed to cope with the tough demands placed on a commercially used vehicle. And its comprehensive corrosion protection with fully galvanised body ensures that, even after many years, it still cuts a great figure as a calling card for your company.

This much is certain: with the eVito, you are opting for a vehicle you can count on. Thanks to its outstanding reliability, it will assist you wherever your work takes you. Because for us "Mercedes-Benz Vans. Born to run." is not just a motto; it is a promise.

Taking your large loads off you.

In the eVito there's space for everything you need to bring with you. Thanks to the electrified drive system there are no restrictions whatsoever in the load compartment. With a maximum payload of 1015 kg and a load compartment length of up to 3 m1 as a 3200 kg vehicle, it is able to handle any amount of load. But that's not all: with 2 vehicle lengths, a flexible load-securing system and practical optional partitions, it offers you a wealth of individualisation and specialisation options for creating your own professional transport solution.

Incidentally: with its large door apertures and a low load compartment sill, the eVito makes even the most difficult jobs child's play – for even more convenient, efficient and safe loading and unloading.


Applies to the eVito with extra-long body length.

Use electrical energy as efficiently as possible.

Maximum use of range thanks to the drive programs and recuperation.

The drive system of the eVito includes the electric motor, the high-voltage battery, the power electronics and the charger. The electric motor powers the front wheels and draws the energy required from the high-voltage battery. This is primarily charged from the power supply and can be further fed during vehicle use by the use of recuperation thanks to reclaimed energy.

The intelligent operating strategy of the eVito ensures as efficient utilisation as possible: with 3 drive programs and 4 recuperation stages, the electrical consumption and thus also the range of the eVito can be optimised. The 3 drive programs "E+", "E" and "C" are selected via the drive program switch in the centre console, the 4 recuperation levels "D-", "D", "D+" and "D++" via the steering wheel gearshift paddle.

During recuperation, energy is reclaimed if the vehicle is delayed. For example, the battery charges when going downhill, instead of losing the energy when braking in the form of heat. The respective setting for the drive program and recuperation level is displayed in the display of the instrument cluster. With this route-based operating-mode strategy the economy of the vans can be further optimised with electric drive in daily operation on the road.

High-voltage battery can be fully charged in 6 hours.1

7.4 kW maximum charging capacity.

The high-voltage battery system with a usable capacity of 35 kWh can be charged via a wallbox or charging station in approx. 6 hours1 from 0 to 100 %. Using a cable with a Type 2 vehicle socket the full charging capacity of 7.4 kW (2 x 16 A) alternating current is transferred from the power supply equipment. The optional charging cables are available either in a length of 4 m (spiral version) or of 8 m (straight version). The plug of the cable is plugged into the vehicle socket on the B-pillar on the driver's side. The central locking system of the vehicle locks and unlocks the connector coupling. On the control status display of the vehicle socket the status of the charging process can be checked at any time. Should there be no wallbox or charging station available the battery can also be charged via the "household grid". The corresponding charging cables are available from Mercedes-Benz Accessories.


The duration of the battery charging process is dependent upon the charging infrastructure.

On-demand charging options.

Charging infrastructure.

For individual and fleet customers, there are 2 charging infrastructure solutions available – each is tailored to the respective customer group: for individual customers, there is the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home which has a compact, high-class design and is available from Part Sales. It must be installed by a competent electrician – who can be chosen freely by the customer – in accordance with local regulations. Our offer for customers with more than 2 vehicles at a single location is even more comprehensive: with the charging infrastructure offering for fleet customers, Mercedes-Benz Vans supports the customer – together with a selected partner – with everything from advice and location preparation, to installation of the charging hardware, and right through to maintenance and support.

For fleet customers in Germany, an optional intelligent charging solution will become available1 which features networking of the vehicle and a compatible charging station. As a result, load peaks can be avoided or at least reduced and thus costs saved. Developed specially for fleet managers, the "Intelligent eCharging" service 2 from Mercedes PRO connect3 is available via the Vehicle Management Tool on the Mercedes PRO platform. For example, the charging status of electric vehicles is displayed and charging and pre-entry climate control can also be managed according to pre-set departure times.


The intelligent charging solution with guidance on the "Intelligent charging management" service is initially only available in Germany.


The "Intelligent eCharging" service will soon be available for Germany. Further markets will follow successively. For further information, please contact your local dealership.


An activated Mercedes PRO account as well as a suitable charging infrastructure in the customer's own location are a precondition for use of the "Intelligent charging management" service. Mercedes PRO connect services are available for eVito vehicles manufactured as of 03/2019. In the case of questions concerning the availability of Mercedes PRO connect services for your eVito vehicle, please contact your dealership.

The all-round solution for e-mobility.

eVan ecosystem.

Successful electric mobility calls for more than just a van with an electric drive. This is why Mercedes-Benz is developing a complete eVan ecosystem covering all electric mobility requirements. The range includes an intelligent and networked charging infrastructure, innovative charging services, ground-breaking connectivity solutions plus competent pre-sales and post-sales services. This is because Mercedes-Benz Vans knows precisely what motivates users of electric mobility and the sectors in which it is used. With this know-how we can make it easier for customers to make the switch and enjoy successful and economical use of electric mobility.

Exemplary safety level even with electric drive.

Well-protected high-voltage on-board electrical system.

The eVito passes the same vehicle tests and crash tests as a Vito with a combustion engine. Therefore, it is also on the exemplary Mercedes-Benz level in terms of safety.

The drivetrain, the high-voltage battery and the high voltage lines are protected, embedded in a frame. A protective plate additionally shields the battery system from below against damage. All high voltage lines are carefully insulated. The high voltage lines can be recognised by their orange-coloured casing. Furthermore, it is continuously monitored as to whether the high-voltage cables are properly connected. If necessary, the high-voltage on-board electrical system is automatically switched off.

If the crash sensors recognise a serious accident, in which airbags are activated, for example, then the vehicle is immediately automatically made voltage-free. For emergency services, a "rescue joint" is fitted under the front passenger seat, with which the power supply equipment can be interrupted. Otherwise, only trained persons can work on the high-voltage on-board electrical system. This should, for example, also be observed in the event of a breakdown.

Frequently asked questions.

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  2. 2. How do I charge my eVito?

  3. 3. How do I drive my eVito efficiently?

  4. 4. Can I load the eVito as I would a regular vehicle?

  5. 5. How often does the eVito need servicing?

Mercedes PRO: simplifies and speeds up your business.

Even more efficient in the core business.

Mercedes PRO1 is the new brand by Mercedes-Benz Vans for all current and future services, solutions and digital services for your daily business. Our objective: to use digital opportunities to make your business even more efficient.

Mercedes PRO bundles together all the services relevant to you on a web-based platform. From the start, selected services will be available which will be continuously expanded and individually adapted to your needs. Our aim is to combine your needs with the future technologies developed by us and to integrate them intelligently into your everyday work.


Mercedes PRO is available in selected European countries. Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for more information. Mercedes PRO connect services are available for eVito vehicles manufactured as of 03/2019. In the case of questions concerning the availability of Mercedes PRO connect services for your eVito vehicle, please contact your dealership.

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